Eden Alley Korean Restaurant Christchurch Review


Are you looking for a unique Korean restaurant and karaoke bar in the Christchurch area? Maybe you want to look for a bar that offers great drinks to help you muster the courage to try karaoke. The Eden Alley Korean Restaurant in Christchurch is a great place to find in the Riccarton neighbourhood that offers great food and karaoke fun.

We tried some of the items on the menu at Eden Alley. While we weren’t courageous enough to try the karaoke here, we did enjoy what we tried here.


  • Multiple hot pot dishes are available
  • Various fried chicken entrees
  • Traditional Korean entrees, including kimchi pancakes
  • Large pots are available for groups of people looking to share foods
  • The bar offers various Korean drinks

How Everything Is Served

We noticed when we were being served that they provided our foods in various small bowls. They let us mix in the various ingredients in our entrees, as they put the rice in one bowl and the meats and vegetables in separate ones.

It can be challenging to manage all these bowls and to ensure you use enough in each one, but we found it makes it easier for us to customise our dining experiences. The stir-fried pork with seasonal vegetables was particularly great, as we could mix more broccoli with our pork.

The soybean paste stew featured the soybean paste in one spot, while the tofu was in another container. It’s good that they let us add the tofu ourselves, as the flavour is intense and can easily overwhelm some other parts of the entrée. But when handled by itself, you’ll get a great flavour that adds a quality touch.

The servings were plentiful for everyone here. But we also noticed there were a few large pot entrees for multiple people, including a seafood stew with multiple seafood items and a spicy stew with seasonal vegetables. It is great to see that Eden Alley offers foods that work for all people who want something great to eat.

Well-Made Noodles

We like how the noodles at Eden Valley were built to handle our chopsticks. The noodles are easy to grip without breaking apart. They aren’t stiff to where they won’t flex well.

The noodle dishes here include some great choices, including kimchi, seafood, and fried noodles. Eden Valley ensures all its noodles are prepared well and that they are easy to enjoy. The fact that we can add the side ingredients to the noodles as we wish also helps make these a little more enjoyable and pleasing.

A Great Bar

You’ll also find some exciting Korean drinks at the bar here at Eden Valley. These drinks could help you get ready for a karaoke session if you want.

You can order bokbunja wine, which from what we hear, is a fruit wine made with black raspberries. You can also get soju, a Korean vodka made from sweet potatoes or rice. It isn’t as strong as some other vodkas, but it is still more intense than wine. Asahi and Tsingtao beer are also available here. The place also serves Coca-Cola products for those who aren’t interested in alcohol.

We like how the restaurant offers a good array of drinks. The added Korean drinks add to the experience, plus they often make the karaoke experience here a little more fun.

A Friendly Atmosphere

The workers at Eden Valle were amicable and enjoyable. They were very attentive to our needs, and they ensured they would keep their orders as accurate as possible. The team here wasn’t judgmental of anyone who was performing karaoke either, as they enjoyed watching people attempt to sing various songs. It was amusing to watch these people try, but it was all in good fun.

What Do We Think?

We like how Eden Alley has some great Korean foods for everyone to try. Eden Alley serves outstanding foods with plenty of great flavours and accents. We like how the restaurant serves things well and that they keep the ingredients separate, giving us more control over how we enjoy our foods. Maybe next time we’ll consider performing karaoke, although I wouldn’t expect any of us to do that.


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