Drexels Breakfast Christchurch Review


Drexels is an interesting breakfast restaurant in the Riccarton section of Christchurch, as it is an American-style breakfast restaurant. But the place has done well for itself, as it has been a staple of Riccarton since 1986. The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch and prides itself in being a no-frills place that offers great foods for sale.

So what makes Drexels Breakfast such a unique place for dining in the Christchurch area? We took a look at this breakfast restaurant and found it is an accommodating place with plenty of food options that everyone will love.


  • The eggs, crepes, and omelets are available in many flavours
  • Sandwiches, salads, and burgers are available for lunch
  • The chefs can cook based on your dietary needs, including gluten-free or vegan needs
  • Features a kids menu with smaller portions

A Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Drexels’ atmosphere isn’t too out of the ordinary, as the restaurant looks like a traditional American café. You’ll find plenty of cushioned seats all around, with ketchup, hot sauce, and HP sauce added to each table.

Your server will be more than ready to get you your coffee, although various juices are also available if you prefer something different. The friendly atmosphere at the restaurant provides a good experience that makes it stand out from the Riccarton crowd. The area is active enough to keep it lively, but it isn’t too droll or hyper to where it might make it hard for you to start your day off well.

Flexible Breakfasts

We enjoyed how we could adjust our breakfast orders as we see fit. We tried a few things here and there with our orders:

  • Our regular stack of three pancakes featured baked-in bananas that mixed in well with the fluffy “Iowa-style batter.”
  • The Western crepe mixes bell peppers, onions, and bacon with two eggs and a hash brown. You can taste the spice here, but it doesn’t get too overwhelming.
  • The Mediterranean three-egg omelet includes spinach, red onion, and crumbled cheese mixed well throughout the entrée.

The place also has plenty of sides to complete the meal. The smoked salmon and the whole-grain toast were great with our eggs, while the corned beef hash was cooked to perfection without anything sticking to the plate.

What About Lunch?

While Drexels is all about breakfast, it also has a lunch menu that it offers until closing at two in the afternoon. Each item on the lunch menu includes a distinct twist you can only find at Drexels. The chicken Caesar salad features fresh parmesan cheese and a poached egg, while the Manhattan club sandwich includes a fried egg and bacon alongside cucumber, lettuce, and carrot.

The burgers are also unique, as the place offers 175-gram beef patties mixed with a homemade barbecue sauce. We like how the sauce adds a great deal of tang, but it doesn’t overwhelm the other ingredients.

There’s even a quinoa burger available at Drexels. The burger features a quinoa patty with added chickpeas to complete the texture. The beetroot relish is a nice touch, as it adds a good tone without being rough.

Don’t Forget the Bacon

It’s no surprise that the bacon at Drexels is popular, as the restaurant does well in preparing its bacon for all its breakfast and lunch entrees. The bacon is cooked to where it offers a good crisp without being flimsy or rough. You’ll taste the great pork flavour in every bite, plus you won’t deal with lots of gristle.

What About the Hash Browns?

Most of the meals at Drexels are served with hash browns. The chefs here do well in producing crispy hash browns that are easy to cut through and serve. The browns are cooked enough to be tasty and distinct, but they aren’t cooked to where everything is burnt or otherwise unpleasant. Cooking hash browns isn’t easy, but Drexels knows how to make it all work.

Experience Great Breakfast and Lunch

Drexels Breakfast is a great place for breakfast or lunch in Christchurch that has something for everyone. You’ll find many entrees here, with the place offering some great ways for everyone to start the day. Try this option out if you’re in the mood for something simple and unique, especially if you want something that you can customise in whatever way you see fit.


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