Elmwood Fish and Chips Christchurch Review


Elmwood Fish and Chips doesn’t look like anything too out of the ordinary when you go across it on Normans Road in Merrivale. But this restaurant is perfect for when you want something fast, especially if you’re in the mood for a unique fish entrée a little different from what you might expect while in Christchurch.

This fish and chips restaurant is a little different from what you’d expect from such a site. The place serves various fish choices and offers many other eats. Whether you’re looking for fish, a burger, or even an egg roll, you’ll find something worthwhile for takeaway here.


  • You can order battered or crumbled fish
  • Blue cod, sole fillet, Hoki, Akaroa cod, and tarakihi are available
  • Multiple types of chips available, including kumara chips
  • You can get a complete meal for less than $10 here

A Simple Takeaway Experience

Elmwood is a takeaway restaurant, as it does not offer any dining spaces. But the great news about Elmwood is that it makes all its foods on-site with local ingredients. You’ll enjoy well-prepared meals that are made as you order them. You could even call ahead to get your order ready before you arrive.

What Is the Fish Like?

The fish at Elmwood Fish and Chips features freshly prepared fish from local waters. You can try the Hoki or tarakihi here, among other choices. The fish feature mild flavors that aren’t too intense, meaning anyone could eat these without feeling irritated or bothered by anything too overwhelming.

You can ask for your fish to be either battered or crumbled. The crumbled option is crisp and adds a light coating. The battered option is a little thicker, but it keeps the fish intact. We recommend sticking with the crumbled fish choice if you’re looking for a more authentic flavour.

All the Fish You Want

You can order plenty of a la carte fish and food choices while at Elmwood Fish and Chips. You can order individual squid eggs, fish bites, miniature spring rolls, battered scallops, and battered prawn while at the restaurant. Many of these items cost less than a dollar each, so you can add one or two to your main entrée and still dine for cheap.

How Are the Chips?

The chips at Elmwood Fish and Chips go well with the fish. The chips are well-cut and seasoned, with each one being crispy without being flimsy or otherwise hard.

You can also order spicy wedges or kumara chips if you prefer. Those two options cost extra, but it provides a nice way for you to eat something great.

Don’t Forget the Burgers

While Elmwood Fish and Chips focuses on fish and seafood, it also serves some great burgers. We love how Elmwood serves a thorough assortment of burgers, including ones with mushrooms, pineapple, egg, or cheese. You can order a burger with a chicken or fish patty if you prefer. There’s also a vegetarian burger here that includes a vegetable-based patty.

You can also request the Giant burger if you prefer. The Giant burger includes two meats, cheese, pineapple, an egg, tomatoes, and bacon.

What About Dessert?

Elmwood doesn’t have many dessert choices, although it does offer chocolate jam donuts. The donuts feature a sweet fruit filling with plenty of brown sugar and powder added to the mix. You’ll find a complete meal here at Elmwood if you’re looking for something unique to eat.

A Good Deal

It’s easy for someone to dine for less than $10 at Elmwood. The takeaway place serves most of its entrees from $5 to $7. It costs extra to get some of the other items on the menu like potato fritters or spring rolls, but you can still stay under $10 in most cases.

Our Final Verdict

We found Elmwood Fish and Chips to offer some great food options at sensible prices. We like how the fish are prepared well, plus the diverse menu provides great choices for everyone. Take note of this place when you’re in the Merrivale area, and you’re looking for a great place to eat without having to wait too long for you to get your food ready.


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