Templeton Takeaways Christchurch Review


Templeton Takeaways is inside a small shack in the Templeton neighbourhood of Christchurch. The building looks nondescript and simple, but there’s more to this place than its basic design. We took a look at this takeaway restaurant and what it offers for sale. We found that Templeton Takeaways has many great foods for sale with quality local ingredients. Whether you want fish and chips, Chinese food, or a hamburger, you’ll find something exciting here at Templeton Takeaways.

We found Templeton Takeaways to have some great foods that the team makes with care. They keep the cooking spaces clean, and they always use the best cuts of meat for their entrees. We would have liked to see some more side choices, plus we would have appreciated it if they have more desserts. But we feel the place has its focus for what it offers down pat.


  • Offers more than forty Chinese entrees
  • You can get multiple patties on your hamburger
  • Serves various small entrees, including chicken nuggets and corn bites
  • You can order mixed vegetables with various Chinese foods

The General Menu

You’ll see the menu for Templeton Takeaways right when you walk through the door. The menu is plastered on the wall and features a complete array of choices for order. We found a few interesting things when looking through the menu here:

  • The fish and chips feature blue cod, sole, and a few other local fish products.
  • You can order one of many burger types here, including a tomato burger, pineapple burger, or vegetarian burger.
  • You can order egg foo young dishes here. The Chinese omelet recipe is served over rice and can feature one of many meats.
  • The Chinese entrees typically enter a base meat with one of many additional items on rice. You can order your meat with tomatoes, black beans, cashews, or curry.
  • A few Chinese entrees also feature sauces prepared on site. You can order Thai peanut chicken, or you can get Szechuan chili roast pork with a spicy sauce on rice.

The selection of foods at Templeton Takeaways is diverse and provides something for everyone. We like how the restaurant offers these choices, but we also enjoy how these foods are affordable. You can get a Chinese meal here for $16 or less. The fish and chips and burgers are also less than $10 each.

Is Everything Prepared Well?

We were surprised over how well the foods were prepared at Templeton Takeaways. For a place in the middle of a random spot, the foods are crispy and well-cooked. The meats are carefully prepared and cut to provide the best taste around.

We also like how the place is clean and tidy. The restaurant is sanitary and safe, as the chefs focus on quality and care for each order. They prepare all foods when you order them, and they ensure all cooking equipment is clean and prepared for use, ensuring whatever you order is ready for you to enjoy.

What About the Chips?

You can order chips with your meal, with each chip being freshly cut and seasoned. The place offers relatively small chip portions when compared with the other foods, so be prepared to ask for extras if possible.

Other Fun Stuff

Templeton Takeaways has a few other foods for sale. We did not try the hot dog, potato fritter, fish bites, or corn nuggets while we were here. We were also hoping for something extra when looking for desserts here, but they do offer chocolate donuts and jam donuts. These donuts are freshly prepared and feature smooth textures and sweet flavours. We like how the donuts are made here, but we do wish there were more dessert options here. But with the place focusing on some other foods, we don’t blame the restaurant for not being too concerned with the dessert.

Our Overall Review

Templeton Takeaways is a useful place for quick takeaway eating if you’re in the Christchurch area. The Chinese foods, fish, and burgers come in many styles for your interest and taste. You’ll find something on the menu that interests you when looking at what is open here at Templeton Takeaways in Christchurch.


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