Sydenham Bakery Christchurch Review


The Sydenham Bakery has been cooking up bread and pastries in Christchurch since 1960. The bakery has survived a changing landscape, increasing competition, and even a fire in 1985, but they have come out stronger every time. So what makes the Sydenham Bakery in Christchurch so great?

We went out to the bakery to see what the place offers for sale. We found plenty of sweet treats, but those make up a small part of what the bakery provides for customers. You’ll find many sandwiches here, plus the bakery offers some of the best meat pies around.


  • Serves many pastries, including meat pies
  • The cakes and desserts include cakes of various sizes
  • Muffins, scones, sweet buns, and other bread products are available
  • Filled rolls, sandwiches, wraps, and club sandwiches are available for sale
  • Seasonal products are available for Halloween and Christmas

Thoroughly Made Meat Pies

Some of the top pastries for sale at the Sydenham Bakery include their meat pies. The pies include chicken, beef, steak, and vegetarian pies.

Each pie is built with a flaky crust that covers the entire inside. The inside features a gravy interior that keeps things filled, while you’ll find the diced meats and vegetables on the inside. The team here ensures all pies are cooked evenly and that they’ll be ready to serve. You can even take a cold pie and heat it at home yourself if you prefer.

We tried the chicken and cranberry pie, what with that sounding like the most interesting one. The cranberry mix tasted great, as it added a sweet tone that mixed well with the bread crust. The covering was flaky, but it was clean enough to where it didn’t break apart and leave a mess.

How Are the Sandwiches?

We tried a few of the sandwiches at the bakery, and the thing we noticed the most is how well the whole grain bread tastes. The bread is well-prepared and features a thorough flavour.

The chicken sandwich was our favourite. It features diced white meat chicken and sliced vegetables like a tomato and cucumber. The deviled egg also adds a nice touch.

We also liked the char-grilled chicken Panini. The chicken is grilled well with a lettuce base on the bottom and sliced tomato and cucumber on top to complete a good all-around taste.

Baked Goods Everywhere

The baked goods at the Sydenham Bakery take up a good portion of the counter here. We noticed a few cookies with some fun designs, plus we saw a bunch of added brownies, tiramisu cakes, and other assorted goodies here.

The cookies here are scrumptious and easy to eat, plus the icing on the top isn’t as thick as you’d expect. The icing adds enough of a flavour without putting in too much bulk on the cookie.

The bakery also sells loaves of bread you can prepare at home. We purchased a whole wheat loaf, and we found it easy for us to cut through it. The loaf was also soft and baked well, giving us more control over how we could prepare our sandwiches with the bread.

How Much Will You Spend?

Our favourite part of the Sydenham Bakery is that the place is reasonable when planning its prices. You can order a meat pie for less than $10. The pies are sized well to where one person can enjoy the pie for lunch or dinner. The sandwiches are also reasonably priced, with each available for $10 or less. The prices for other foods here will vary by what’s open and the season, so check the bakery to see what’s open. You may be surprised over how much you will spend when finding something of use here.

What Do We Think?

The Sydenham Bakery is a great place to visit in Christchurch when you’re looking for something fresh and enjoyable. Take note of what the bakery offers and how you’ll find something that fits whatever needs you might hold when looking for sandwiches or baked goods. Don’t forget to see their pie selection, as the place offers one of the most diverse arrays of cooked pies around.


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