6 Best Pest Control Companies In Christchurch New Zealand


It is often challenging to deal with pests of all sizes throughout your home in the Christchurch area. But there are also many pest control companies in the area that can do the dirty work for you. Here are six of our favourite pest control companies to hire in Christchurch. These include many groups that can work with all the necessary tasks you wish to manage at your property.

Top Pest Control Companies In Christchurch

Elite Pest and Insect Control Ltd

Services: Ants, cockroaches, mice and rats, fleas, possums, feral cats


Address: 27 Cashmere Road, Cashmere, Christchurch 8022

Phone: 3-332 1962

Elite Pest and Insect Control can help you get rid of both large and small pests. The team uses non-toxic materials in their work, including diatomaceous earth. They can review all the spaces around your property and find the right points to target.

The team uses the latest technology to review various insects and pests. They use infrared materials to find wood borers, termites, and other pests that might not always be easy to see around your home.

  • Online and in-person quotes are available
  • The team can help you prepare for a visit before your treatment
  • All large pests are captured and relocated without potential harm

Pest Control Christchurch

Services: Ants, flies, spiders, fleas, wasps, borers, rats and other rodents


Address: 9 Minorca Lane, Marshland, Christchurch 8083

Phone: 800 737 844

Pest Control Christchurch provides help with residential and commercial pest control services. The company has more than thirty years of experience in pest control. The team can identify whatever pests are in your space and can target them with only the necessary compounds needed for those pests.

Pest Control Christchurch does well with food industry teams as well. The company uses safe materials that will not leave residues or other things that might impact whatever foods a food industry business handles.

  • The spider control service can also target whitetail spiders
  • Wasp nest removal is available
  • All employees undergo security checks and tests for your safety

Spiderban NC Pest Control

Services: Spiders, ants, flies, wasps, silverfish


Address: Level 1/136 Ilam Road, Ilam, Christchurch 8401

Phone: 800 667 778

Spiderban NC Pest Control provides a thorough approach to handling your pest situation. The team won’t require you to be out of your house for too long, as they will take about three to four hours to complete their work.

The company provides prompt service for all needs, plus the employees are amicable and supportive of whatever you require. The team offers indoor and outdoor services alike, plus they also offer a house preparation service for your unique needs. The team’s services are ideal for pet owners, landlords, and people looking to sell their homes.

  • One-year warranty for exterior treatments
  • Six-month warranty for interior services
  • Available throughout all of North Canterbury
  • Flexible appointment windows available

Fifeshire Pest Control

Services: Rodents, fleas, wasps, cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, ants, borers, feral pigeons


Address: 50 Glasnevin Drive, Casebrook, Christchurch 8051

Phone: 3-352 9250

Fifeshire Pest Control provides many solutions for your residential or business needs, including help for moving feral pigeons out of your property. The team uses various methods and systems for clearing out these pests, including sound waves to keep pigeons out and organic barrier solutions to prevent ants and other insects from getting anywhere in your property.

The company always provides a prompt response to its calls for service. The workers here have more than thirty years of pest control experience, providing a solution for work you can trust.

  • All service vehicles include all the necessary materials for work
  • Available for heavy-duty industrial projects
  • Long-range treatments available for hard-to-access spaces around your property

A+ Services NZ LTD

Services: Spiders, mice and rats, flies, cluster flies


Address: 6 Hazeldean Road, Addington, Christchurch 8024

Phone: 800 155 166

A+ Services NZ LTD is a residential and commercial maintenance service provider that offers many services like gutter cleaning and power washing. But the team also offers a pest control service. The team can clean out all spiders, flies, and other unwanted pests inside and outside your property.

The group also provides a rat and mouse service. The team can check your attic, crawl space, or any other dark and tight spaces inside your home to clear out any infestations in an area.

The A+ team works for all properties throughout Christchurch. The team has six vans with ten staff members available to help you with your pest control demands.

  • The team uses various solutions in roof cavities and other surfaces to treat dark areas
  • Easy to schedule appointments online or by phone
  • Free no-obligation quotes available for services

Pest Control Services Ltd

Services: Ants, flies, bed bugs, wasps, mites, cockroaches, silverfish, rats, possums


Phone: 800 777 585

You can also see what Pest Control Services Ltd offers if you’re looking for pest control companies in Christchurch. The company can treat all parts of your home, including your attic and your subfloors. The team offers a ten-year warranty for all subfloor treatments, plus you’ll also get a certificate of treatment.

The company also provides a service for large pests like possums and rats. The team can remove these animals with traps set in different places where they may appear. The group will relocate these pests to new areas away from your home, ensuring they will not be likely to return. The work is safe and harmless to the pests.

  • Works with full public liability insurance cover
  • More than twenty years of pest control experience
  • All service vans are stocked with the latest pest control materials

Each of these pest control companies in Christchurch will help you get rid of all those unwanted insects and rodents around your property. Leave a comment here if you’ve got another pest control team in Christchurch you wish to highlight. We love to highlight various great businesses throughout the Christchurch area.


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