6 Best Marriage Celebrants In Christchurch


You will need to hire a marriage celebrant to help you officiate your wedding in Christchurch. A talented celebrant will also help you arrange your ceremony and plan it well. The great news is that you’ve got plenty of great choices to explore. Christchurch and other parts of the Canterbury Region are popular sites for weddings, making it easy for people to find celebrants who can help get their weddings up and running.

Top 6 Marriage Celebrants In Christchurch

We’ve looked around to find the six best marriage celebrants in Christchurch who can get make your ceremony memorable. Here’s a closer look at these talented celebrants and what they can do for your wedding to make it the most outstanding and memorable day in your life.

Scott Koorey

Services: Weddings, elopements, civil unions, renewal of vows, naming ceremonies


Address: 40 Sabina Street, Shirley, Christchurch 8013

Phone: 27 214 3374

Your first choice for a celebrant is Scott Koorey, a longtime celebrant with a background in performance and hosting. He is a natural at arranging unique wedding experiences. He believes that weddings can be fun and that every marriage is worth celebrating.

Scott Koorey is available for marriages and civil unions throughout Christchurch. He can help you write a complete ceremony that highlights the personalities of you and your partner.

  • Provides a PA speaker for ceremonies at no added cost
  • Can manage all rubber-stamping efforts
  • Can also supply entertainment to guests

Jo Verkaaik

Services: Weddings, civil unions


Address: 4/62 Elizabeth Street, Riccarton, Christchurch 8041

Phone: 21 689 556

Jo Verkaaik recognises that all marriage ceremonies throughout Christchurch are unique. Her goal is to create a distinct wedding experience that everyone will remember and appreciate.

Verkaaik provides a celebrant service that covers everything from arranging the physical layout of a wedding to managing a proper script for the ceremony. She also works with many partners, including ones who can manage entertainment, photography, catering, and other functions. You can contact Verkaaik when you need a comprehensive solution for managing your wedding.

  • Provides clear communication for all her clients
  • Can customise all scripts and activities based on her clients’ interests
  • Flexible in managing backup plans when necessary

Victoria Thomas

Services: Traditional ceremonies, registry ceremonies


Phone: 210 227 4570

Victoria Thomas is a Christchurch-based marriage celebrant who can serve couples throughout the city and elsewhere in New Zealand. Thomas provides help for ceremonies throughout Christchurch, including support for producing vows and working with whatever personal requests you may ask. You can also hire Thomas to help you apply for a marriage licence.

Thomas provides help in writing various scripts for weddings. She believes that every wedding should capture a couple’s story and is ready to do the same with yours. She especially enjoys talking with couples about their wedding plans and finding new things to do for their ceremonies. Her ability to adapt to whatever her couples desire makes her one of the best choices for a celebrant in Christchurch.

  • Provides support for weddings of all sizes
  • Available for local in-person visits or virtual video calls
  • Provides a client portal on her website for personal communications

Annette Farquhar

Services: Weddings, same sex weddings, funerals


Address: 325 Pine Avenue, New Brighton, Christchurch 8062

Phone: 27 676 0726

Annette Farquhar has been providing wedding celebrant services throughout Christchurch since 2012. She can hold a consultation with you and set up a no-obligation review of your wedding to see what she can do for your special day.

Farquhar focuses on handling weddings and unions in many themes. She can handle trendy, beach-themed, or cultural weddings. She is also open for elopements if necessary. She is one of the best marriage celebrants in Christchurch for her ability to plan weddings even when they are on short notice. She can adapt to whatever schedules her clients hold.

  • Handles documentation and other legal points for your wedding
  • Can plan a rehearsal the week of the wedding if necessary
  • Works well with children
  • Can also serve as the master of ceremonies for your wedding

Geoffrey Trotter

Services: Weddings, photography services


Address: 137 Centaurus Road, St Martins, Christchurch 8022

Phone: 3-980 8206

Geoffrey Trotter is a talented celebrant that has been serving the Christchurch community for more than twenty years. He enjoys working as a toastmaster for various weddings, as he focuses on bringing people together in love and unity.

Trotter focuses on professionalism at his weddings, but he’s always willing to keep things relaxed and calm for any situation. He can produce ceremonies that highlight positive experiences that reflect the couple of honour.

  • Can help plan unique themes for your wedding
  • Works with customised vows and scripts for all couples
  • Can host receptions and other wedding-related events

Robyn O’Brien



Address: 184 Huntsbury Avenue, Huntsbury, Christchurch 8022

Phone: 27 613 2684

Your last choice among the best marriage celebrants in Christchurch is Robyn O’Brien, a celebrant that focuses on a stress-free and flexible approach to weddings. O’Brien can plan various weddings that incorporate everything about the couple. From their family traditions to their children and animals, O’Brien can help plan weddings that cover anything.

O’Brien concentrates on producing weddings that tell a love story and highlights the couple’s personalities. She can review your wedding location and whatever details you want to provide and devise a wedding plan from there.

  • Can provide a PA system for the ceremony
  • Offers calligraphy for invitations, place name tags, and other decorations
  • More than fifteen years of celebrant experience

Have you gotten married and hired a different marriage celebrant in the past? Let us know in the comments about anyone we have missed. Christchurch is home to many great wedding celebrants, and the odds are we might have missed some here and there. We know that thousands of couples have been served by many great celebrants, and we are proud to highlight some of the best in the Christchurch area.


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