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You’ll find the Rolleston Food Bar in Christchurch off Chaucer Street near NZ State Highway 1. But you might be curious over what foods the bar offers, as “food bar” cold mean anything. We decided to look for ourselves to see what the food bar serves.

It turns out that the place focuses mainly on burgers, fish and chips, and sandwiches. The place is a takeaway venue without much room for any dining. But you will find plenty of positives when looking for something useful. You’ll also find some great deals here, as the restaurant offers affordable foods that won’t break your budget when you’re looking for something delicious to enjoy while eating.


  • You can get a full meal for less than $10
  • Serves locally-sourced fish
  • The bar offers a variety of burgers
  • Various are specials available throughout the year

Ordering a Burger

We heard from others that the burgers were the best part of what the Rolleston Food Bar offers to customers. The burgers are available in various styles with many ingredients. These include mushroom, pineapple, tomato, and cheeseburgers. You can also get a chicken or steak burger here, plus you could get double the meat on your burger if you wish.

We like how the burgers taste, as the meat is well-cooked and shaped to where it’s easy to eat. The beef isn’t rough, and it doesn’t leak out those annoying pink juices when you take a bite. We tried the pineapple burger, and the pineapple was grilled alongside the burger to keep it juicy and tangy while blending well with the meat.

The kitchen is always kept clean and has all the necessary ingredients and items on hand for serving. You’ll appreciate how everything in the kitchen is prepared well and that everything you order is kept clean and safe to eat.

How About the Fish?

The Rolleston Food Bar uses locally-sourced fish like sole, blue cod, Hoki, and tarakihi. The fish is always prepared well, plus the added coating is flaky enough to create a good flavour without masking how the fish tastes.

The chips they serve are well-cut and provide a good taste for everyone to try. We like how well they season the chips with care. The chips mix well with the fish to provide a good taste for everyone to enjoy. You could order a second helping of chips if you want, and you’ll still keep on eating them and asking for more.

What Else Is There?

There are many other foods for people to see when looking for something at the Rolleston Food Bar:

  • You can get a beef or chicken kebab at the food bar.
  • The hash browns here are carefully prepared and mixed to create a good late breakfast entrée. You’ll get four hash browns with each order.
  • The chicken nuggets are made with various cuts of chicken meat and are breaded to where they offer enough of a coating without covering too much.
  • You can also order some egg rolls, including a spring roll or a curry rice roll. The rolls are carefully constructed and wound to keep the ingredients intact.

What Does It Cost?

Our favourite part of the Rolleston Food Bar is that the place isn’t as expensive as you would assume. You can find many entrees here for less than $10. 

The only things that cost more than $10 are some of the extra foods, like a dozen scallops or a dozen onion rings. You could also order half a chicken and chips for about $15. The deal is very intriguing, especially if you want something a little different from the norm.

You’ll also find special packs at the bar, including ones that can feed an entire family. You could get enough fish and chips to feed a family of four for about $25 to $30 on average. The special deals here will vary by season, so check with the bar to see what’s open.

Our Final Word

The Rolleston Food Bar is a fine place to visit if you’re looking for a good bite to eat in Christchurch. The takeaway restaurant features many good foods that will fit your taste. Check out what the bar offers if you’re looking for something entertaining and delicious.


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