Living In Christchurch – What Can You Expect?


Christchurch is the largest city on the South Island of New Zealand, with nearly 400,000 people living here. You’ll find many exciting things throughout Christchurch when living here.

A Resilient Community

One thing we think you’ll notice about Christchurch when living here is that its people are among the most resilient in New Zealand. Christchurch has rebuilt much of its central urban area following a devastating 2011 earthquake. Tens of thousands of new homes and businesses have been built in Christchurch since then.

Here are some of our favorite places to consider living in when finding a home in Christchurch:

  • Sumner is a prominent beach-side neighborhood area that is ideal for family living.
  • Ferrymead is another beach-side suburb, but this one features various cliff-top homes that overlook the water.
  • Fendalton is a high-end neighborhood with some of the most massive homes in the city.
  • Hagley Park features various trendy neighborhoods and communities that have been on the rise since 2011. The area is home to many exciting employment opportunities.
  • Lyttleton is on the northern shore of Christchurch and features some of the most distinct park spaces in town.

The people of Christchurch believe in community as an important virtue. The people are always ready to come together and support each other through even the toughest conditions.

A Diverse Community

Another point we like about Christchurch is its unique diversity. The people of Christchurch come from all walks of life:

  • About 10 percent of Christchurch’s residents are of Maori descent. The indigenous residents of New Zealand continue to have a significant impact on the country.
  • Nearly 70,000 people living in Christchurch come from other countries. These include England, the Philippines, China, Australia, and India.
  • The Christian, Hindu, Islam, and Buddhist faiths all live together throughout Christchurch. You’ll find people who support these and many other religions throughout the city.

Nice Weather

We enjoy the weather in Christchurch, and we feel you’ll appreciate it the same. Here’s what you can expect from the weather in Christchurch:

  • Temperatures can get warm in the summer, but not by much. The highs from December to February can be around 31 Celsius or 88 Fahrenheit.
  • The winter season can get close to freezing, but it rarely snows. Temperatures in June and July can reach about 1 Celsius or 34 Fahrenheit at their lowest.
  • Christchurch gets about 600 mm or 23 inches of rain each year. Expect to see about six to nine rainy days a month on average.

Employment Opportunities Abound

We recommend looking at some of the most appealing employment opportunities available throughout Christchurch when living here. You’ll find plenty of exciting choices:

  • The construction industry continues to thrive as part of Christchurch’s long-term rebuilding plan. You’ll find surveyor, engineer, and building jobs throughout the city.
  • The agriculture industry continues to be prominent in Christchurch. The dairy and cropping fields are popular, while the wine industry in nearby Waipara is growing.
  • The tech field is growing, with Java and .NET developers being in demand.

You can find details on what’s open while living in Christchurch by consulting the Canterbury Skills Shortage list. The listing highlights the jobs that are in the most demand in Christchurch. You could secure a job before arriving in Christchurch, thus helping you secure your right to work in the area.

Beautiful Landscapes Abound

Living in Christchurch also means being around some of the many beautiful scenes around the Canterbury region. You will find many unique forests and mountain spaces around the Waimakariri, Arthurs Pass, and Hurunui and Hanmer Springs areas.

Part of the Southern Alps moves through the northern end of the Canterbury region. Among the mountains here includes Aoraki or Mount Cook, the tallest peak in New Zealand at 3,700 meters or 12,000 feet.

Amazing Activities

We recommend various great activities to explore while enjoying life in Christchurch:

  • The International Antarctic Centre features various simulations of life throughout the nearby continent of Antarctica. You can learn more about the unique habitats here at the museum.
  • Hagley Park features some of the country’s most ornate gardens. You can relax and enjoy your local surroundings at the park.
  • The Margaret Mahy Playground is a vast play space for kids in the heart of downtown Christchurch.
  • The Christchurch Adventure Park features mountain biking trails and other outdoor activities in the southern end of the city.

You can also take a gondola ride over Christchurch to learn more about your community. The gondola takes you more than a thousand feet above the city on the slope of nearby Mount Cavendish.

Education Opportunities

Residents in Christchurch will find many educational centers throughout the city. These include places that support people of all ages around Christchurch:

  • Christchurch has various state schools throughout the city, including the Burnside and Cashmere High Schools.
  • There are a few single-sex state schools in Christchurch. These include the Shirley and Christchurch Boys’ schools and the Avonside and Christchurch Girls’ schools.
  • Christchurch is home to various prominent private universities. These include the St. Thomas of Canterbury College, St. Bede’s College, and Christ’s College.

What About the Cost of Living?

We recognize you might be concerned about the cost of living while in Christchurch. The good news is that the cost of living is sensible, with average consumer prices by about 10 percent lower than they are in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city.

A one-bedroom apartment can go for about $1,350 NZD a month. Utilities can cost about $140 NZD a month. It costs about $100 to get a monthly travel pass for some of the city’s travel services. You shouldn’t have much trouble affording life in Christchurch.

A Final Note

Living in Christchurch is a great thrill for anyone. The community is home to many unique features and various learning and working opportunities. It is all part of an extensive population that is there for one another and willing to work together. After all, Christchurch has been strong in recovering from one of the country’s worst natural disasters.


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