Hello Vietnam Christchurch Review


Should you be saying hello to Hello Vietnam the next time you’re in the Riccarton neighbourhood of Christchurch? We came out to this sit-down restaurant to see if the place is worthwhile, and we found plenty of things about the restaurant to love.

We found that Hello Vietnam features a thorough menu with choices for everyone to enjoy. You’ll also find many steamed entrees, rice dishes, and vegetarian options here. The restaurant has a great setting and features plenty of options for dining that will make you fall in love with Vietnamese cooking.


  • Offers foods in multiple portions
  • Gluten-free options available
  • Serves sweet and sour sauce with many entrees
  • The entrees feature plenty of meat and vegetables for a detailed flavour

What Does the Place Sell?

Hello Vietnam serves great Vietnamese entrees with a mix of rice, noodles, vermicelli, and tofu. You’ll find more than a hundred numbered entrees on the menu here.

Hello Vietnam has one of the more diverse menus you’ll find at a Vietnamese eatery, as you can order noodles or rice with various meats or vegetables. You can request chili chicken, roast duck, barbecue pork, ginger chicken, or combination meats. The place can also prepare gluten-free versions of many of these foods if you prefer.

Many of the entrees feature a sweet and sour sauce. The sauce provides a great tone that accentuates the natural flavours in your food. All the foods are organised well to where you can eat them up and get them ready fast.

The spring rolls are also great foods to try while out here. The rolls are well-packed and feature plenty of greens, carrots, and other vegetables. The rolls are fried well without being too crispy or rough. You can even see through some of the rolls to notice some of the great vegetables all around.

The pho soups are also well-made with the right amount of broth to keep from drowning everything. One of our favourite parts of the pho soup is that the bean sprouts were served separately. We get the option to control how many sprouts we want to add to the soup.

The rice and noodles are also prepared to perfection, as everything is rich in flavour and doesn’t feel flimsy. The vermicelli is especially great, which is impressive considering how tough it can be to prepare vermicelli that doesn’t fall apart when you try eating it.

Appealing Prices

One of our favourite parts of Hello Vietnam is that the restaurant doesn’t charge more for its foods than necessary. Most entrees here at Hello Vietnam are available for $20 or less.

You can order a cheaper medium-size portion of one of the foods if you wish, and you’ll still get enough food for one. The portion sizes are plentiful and generous, especially when eating one of the seafood entrees here. The large portions are good enough for two or three people to share, making this a useful choice if you’ve got multiple people coming out to eat here.

What About Dessert?

We also tried one of the desserts while out here at Hello Vietnam. The place sells mungbean and coconut cream as one of its signature desserts. It sounds unusual, but the sweet flavour of the beans mixes well with the coconut cream. The place also serves deep-fried ice cream. The ice cream is fried to where it creates a warm and crispy outside while keeping the ice cream on the inside cold and delicious.

You can also add iced or hot black coffee to your meal. The restaurant lets you add condensed milk if you prefer. The place also serves an iced lemon drink with a sweet tang that adds a fun touch to the dining experience.

Our Final Thought

Hello Vietnam is a great place to visit if you want an exciting Vietnamese dining experience. The foods here are plentiful and feature many great tones and flavours. We love how the place offers great portions and that it doesn’t cost as much as you might expect. Try this spot out the next time you’re looking for a great place for Asian dining while in the Riccarton neighbourhood.


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