Buddha Stix Christchurch Review


It took a bit for us to get a reservation at the Buddha Stix Asian restaurant in Christchurch. The place is only open for three-and-a-half hours a day for dinner, plus you need to get reservations to eat here. We figured that the place has to be good if it’s going to have us go through all those hoops to eat here.

When we arrived at the Christchurch location in Riccarton, we felt right at home in the cozy environment. The place has a relaxed atmosphere that focuses on the food above all else.

We loved out experience at Buddha Stix, as it features generous portions of all our favourite Asian entrees. The team ensures everything is fresh and well-cooked before serving, plus they are always prompt in ensuring every diner feels great about their meals.


  • Serves Asian foods inspired by Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore
  • Many entrees are available with chicken, pork, tofu, seafood, or prawn
  • Offers banquet-style menus for parties of five or more people
  • Many of the entrees can be made as gluten-free or vegan options

A Great Way To Enjoy Asian Food

Buddha Stix serves appealing Asian foods in all forms. You’ll find many foods served with mild or spicy curries, plus you’ll find a few vegetable mixes here and there.

The place is flexible with its entrees. You can order one of many entrees with chicken, pork, beef, tofu, or vegetables. You can spend a dollar extra for a seafood entrée, or you can add another dollar on top of that for a prawn entrée.

The portions here are generous and provide enough room for everyone, plus the curries and sauces they offer are plentiful without drowning the foods. You will notice all the ginger, peanuts, herbs, vegetables, and other things they use in their recipes.

The honey lemon chicken was our favorite entrée here. The chicken features a sweet and sour mix of honey and lemon, while the added jasmine rice adds a good flavour that mixes well.

Exciting Sharing Menus

One of our favourite parts of Buddha Stix is its sharing menus. The restaurant offers banquet-style meals available for parties of at least five people. Each sharing meal comes with various meats and rice. Each sharing menu offers six meat entrees and steamed jasmine rice, giving everyone plenty of variety for dining.

Our favourite meals on these sharing menus were the Thai salad beef and the peanut sauce pork. The salad beef features lime juice, chili powder, and coriander mixed to create the right spice without being overwhelming. The peanut sauce added a detailed flavour without masking the juicy pork.

Don’t Forget the Dessert

We also like how Buddha Stix offers a few good dessert options for after the main entrée. The cheesecake is made with Thai lychee, a fruit with a sweet tone that mixes well with the creamy cheesecake texture. The restaurant also serves a chocolate fudge brown with lychee and an ice cream sundae that comes with a chocolate, raspberry, or mango topping.

A Friendly Atmosphere

Everything here at Buddha Stix comes from a staff that is always there to serve everyone’s needs. The people at Buddha Stix are kind and willing to accommodate whatever needs the people have. They can make various entrees vegan or gluten-free if necessary. They can also tone down the spices in some entrees if necessary.

The people here are always willing to please. They are amicable and will talk with the customers about their favourite entrees, whatever recommendations they like, and anything else surrounding what they serve here. You’ll likely find something of interest when dining here, since the staff will provide ideas based on what you prefer and what needs you have for a meal.

A Unique Asian Experience

We found our dining experience at Buddha Stix to be worth the wait and effort for entering. Buddha Stix has exciting Asian entrees for sale, plus it’s easy to adjust these meals as necessary. The sharing menus are also perfect for those looking to try more of everything Buddha Stix offers. Try this option out if you’re in Christchurch and you are looking for a distinct place with appealing and detailed Asian entrees.


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