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Under the Red Verandah Café Christchurch Review


The Under the Red Verandah Café opened in the Linwood neighbourhood of Christchurch in 1997. The restaurant relocated elsewhere in the neighbourhood after the 2011 earthquake, although the red verandah from the original site was preserved and restored to the new site.

Under the Red Verandah was founded to be a place where people could enjoy outstanding organic dishes in a unique oasis away from the bustle of Christchurch. The place still feels quaint and relaxing today. You’ll find many things to enjoy here, whether you’re out for lunch or dinner.


  • Housed in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Has various breakfast and lunch entrees for sale
  • Features a kids menu
  • Offers an exciting apple and date chutney
  • Gluten-free options available

The General Atmosphere

Under the Red Verandah has a cozy atmosphere that feels like something you’d find in a more rural part of the country. You’ll notice wooden floors, painted brick walls, and various decorative pieces of glassware around the place. The restaurant is inside an older repurposed building that has been restored after the earthquake. Some of the original windows and doors from the old location are here as well. These features provide a nice site to relax, especially as it offers a detailed feeling all over the place.

One thing we liked about the inside is that it features plenty of quaint seating spots. The place offers a few two-person tables available for reservations. These tables are in some of the more removed parts of the restaurant and are ideal for romantic outings.

Start With a Drink

Under the Red Verandah has an extensive drink listing for everyone. You can order one of the many coffee or tea products here, plus you can get a glass or bowl of hot chocolate.

We found the drink menu to be very different from what you’d expect in most places. Under the Red Verandah offers cold-pressed fruit juices, Karma Cola, Lemmy Lemonade, Aroha elderflower drinks, and Banjo Brews kombucha. The place also has a few local wine and beer products for lunch, including many beer options from Three Boys.

Start Your Day Right

We came to the verandah for breakfast, and we found the breakfasts to be plentiful with enough food for everyone here. Each breakfast features organic and locally-sourced ingredients. We found some interesting things with many of the entrees here:

  • The oat pancakes come with a berry compote and hazelnuts. The pancakes are mixed well and are fluffy all around.
  • The eggs benedict tasted great with mushrooms and baby spinach on the side. Every part of the entrée complemented each other well.
  • The posh beans look colourful, but the crumbled feta and added chorizo sausage added a good texture to the entire entrée.
  • The toasted house bread goes well with just about everything here.

What About Lunch?

The lunch menu at Under the Red Verandah has plenty of choices for everyone to enjoy. You’ll find such lunch choices as seafood chowder, hot pot, and duck liver pate. The pumpkin freekeh salad is outstanding, as it features roasted pumpkin with red onion and feta. The toasted seeds and almonds around the salad also add a good touch.

The café also serves poached eggs as a side dish. Each egg they serve is properly cooked and seasoned to create a better flavour that mixes with anything they serve here. The spinach, mushroom, hollandaise sauce, and tomatoes are also worth trying with your meal.

What’s the Chutney Like?

We tried some of the café’s apple and date chutney while we were here. The chutney is the most popular condiment at the café, and it is so popular that the place also sells it in takeaway jars. We can see why so many people love it, as the chutney provides a mix of spicy and sweet. It adds a great kick to any entrée, but it doesn’t go overboard on the spiciness.

We found everything at Under the Red Verandah to be enjoyable and worthwhile. You’ll find many great things at this café in the Christchurch area, as it features a cozy atmosphere with plenty of appealing foods for all tastes. The odds are you’ll find something here that you will love to eat.

Templeton Takeaways Christchurch Review


Templeton Takeaways is inside a small shack in the Templeton neighbourhood of Christchurch. The building looks nondescript and simple, but there’s more to this place than its basic design. We took a look at this takeaway restaurant and what it offers for sale. We found that Templeton Takeaways has many great foods for sale with quality local ingredients. Whether you want fish and chips, Chinese food, or a hamburger, you’ll find something exciting here at Templeton Takeaways.

We found Templeton Takeaways to have some great foods that the team makes with care. They keep the cooking spaces clean, and they always use the best cuts of meat for their entrees. We would have liked to see some more side choices, plus we would have appreciated it if they have more desserts. But we feel the place has its focus for what it offers down pat.


  • Offers more than forty Chinese entrees
  • You can get multiple patties on your hamburger
  • Serves various small entrees, including chicken nuggets and corn bites
  • You can order mixed vegetables with various Chinese foods

The General Menu

You’ll see the menu for Templeton Takeaways right when you walk through the door. The menu is plastered on the wall and features a complete array of choices for order. We found a few interesting things when looking through the menu here:

  • The fish and chips feature blue cod, sole, and a few other local fish products.
  • You can order one of many burger types here, including a tomato burger, pineapple burger, or vegetarian burger.
  • You can order egg foo young dishes here. The Chinese omelet recipe is served over rice and can feature one of many meats.
  • The Chinese entrees typically enter a base meat with one of many additional items on rice. You can order your meat with tomatoes, black beans, cashews, or curry.
  • A few Chinese entrees also feature sauces prepared on site. You can order Thai peanut chicken, or you can get Szechuan chili roast pork with a spicy sauce on rice.

The selection of foods at Templeton Takeaways is diverse and provides something for everyone. We like how the restaurant offers these choices, but we also enjoy how these foods are affordable. You can get a Chinese meal here for $16 or less. The fish and chips and burgers are also less than $10 each.

Is Everything Prepared Well?

We were surprised over how well the foods were prepared at Templeton Takeaways. For a place in the middle of a random spot, the foods are crispy and well-cooked. The meats are carefully prepared and cut to provide the best taste around.

We also like how the place is clean and tidy. The restaurant is sanitary and safe, as the chefs focus on quality and care for each order. They prepare all foods when you order them, and they ensure all cooking equipment is clean and prepared for use, ensuring whatever you order is ready for you to enjoy.

What About the Chips?

You can order chips with your meal, with each chip being freshly cut and seasoned. The place offers relatively small chip portions when compared with the other foods, so be prepared to ask for extras if possible.

Other Fun Stuff

Templeton Takeaways has a few other foods for sale. We did not try the hot dog, potato fritter, fish bites, or corn nuggets while we were here. We were also hoping for something extra when looking for desserts here, but they do offer chocolate donuts and jam donuts. These donuts are freshly prepared and feature smooth textures and sweet flavours. We like how the donuts are made here, but we do wish there were more dessert options here. But with the place focusing on some other foods, we don’t blame the restaurant for not being too concerned with the dessert.

Our Overall Review

Templeton Takeaways is a useful place for quick takeaway eating if you’re in the Christchurch area. The Chinese foods, fish, and burgers come in many styles for your interest and taste. You’ll find something on the menu that interests you when looking at what is open here at Templeton Takeaways in Christchurch.

Sydenham Bakery Christchurch Review


The Sydenham Bakery has been cooking up bread and pastries in Christchurch since 1960. The bakery has survived a changing landscape, increasing competition, and even a fire in 1985, but they have come out stronger every time. So what makes the Sydenham Bakery in Christchurch so great?

We went out to the bakery to see what the place offers for sale. We found plenty of sweet treats, but those make up a small part of what the bakery provides for customers. You’ll find many sandwiches here, plus the bakery offers some of the best meat pies around.


  • Serves many pastries, including meat pies
  • The cakes and desserts include cakes of various sizes
  • Muffins, scones, sweet buns, and other bread products are available
  • Filled rolls, sandwiches, wraps, and club sandwiches are available for sale
  • Seasonal products are available for Halloween and Christmas

Thoroughly Made Meat Pies

Some of the top pastries for sale at the Sydenham Bakery include their meat pies. The pies include chicken, beef, steak, and vegetarian pies.

Each pie is built with a flaky crust that covers the entire inside. The inside features a gravy interior that keeps things filled, while you’ll find the diced meats and vegetables on the inside. The team here ensures all pies are cooked evenly and that they’ll be ready to serve. You can even take a cold pie and heat it at home yourself if you prefer.

We tried the chicken and cranberry pie, what with that sounding like the most interesting one. The cranberry mix tasted great, as it added a sweet tone that mixed well with the bread crust. The covering was flaky, but it was clean enough to where it didn’t break apart and leave a mess.

How Are the Sandwiches?

We tried a few of the sandwiches at the bakery, and the thing we noticed the most is how well the whole grain bread tastes. The bread is well-prepared and features a thorough flavour.

The chicken sandwich was our favourite. It features diced white meat chicken and sliced vegetables like a tomato and cucumber. The deviled egg also adds a nice touch.

We also liked the char-grilled chicken Panini. The chicken is grilled well with a lettuce base on the bottom and sliced tomato and cucumber on top to complete a good all-around taste.

Baked Goods Everywhere

The baked goods at the Sydenham Bakery take up a good portion of the counter here. We noticed a few cookies with some fun designs, plus we saw a bunch of added brownies, tiramisu cakes, and other assorted goodies here.

The cookies here are scrumptious and easy to eat, plus the icing on the top isn’t as thick as you’d expect. The icing adds enough of a flavour without putting in too much bulk on the cookie.

The bakery also sells loaves of bread you can prepare at home. We purchased a whole wheat loaf, and we found it easy for us to cut through it. The loaf was also soft and baked well, giving us more control over how we could prepare our sandwiches with the bread.

How Much Will You Spend?

Our favourite part of the Sydenham Bakery is that the place is reasonable when planning its prices. You can order a meat pie for less than $10. The pies are sized well to where one person can enjoy the pie for lunch or dinner. The sandwiches are also reasonably priced, with each available for $10 or less. The prices for other foods here will vary by what’s open and the season, so check the bakery to see what’s open. You may be surprised over how much you will spend when finding something of use here.

What Do We Think?

The Sydenham Bakery is a great place to visit in Christchurch when you’re looking for something fresh and enjoyable. Take note of what the bakery offers and how you’ll find something that fits whatever needs you might hold when looking for sandwiches or baked goods. Don’t forget to see their pie selection, as the place offers one of the most diverse arrays of cooked pies around.

Spicy House Christchurch Review


We thought about heading to the Spicy House in Christchurch after midnight, what with the place being open until at least three in the morning on most days. But we figured there’s a chance a bunch of people might be there after whatever parties they attend late at night. But we found in our visit to the Spicy House that the place is great for dining regardless of the time of day.

Whether you’re looking for a Szechuan entrée for dinner or you want something after a big party, you’ll find many things to love about the Spicy House. The place offers some appealing entrees that you might not find in some restaurants in Christchurch, plus it provides great portions. But be prepared to feel the heat while at the Spicy House, as the restaurant does well in producing plenty of spices. With a name like the Spicy House, you wouldn’t expect less from a place like it.


  • Offers multiple types of rice
  • Vegetarian-friendly options available, including tofu dishes
  • The service is efficient and quick
  • All meats are fresh and cooked to perfection
  • Most dishes are available for $16 or less

A Simple Spot

The first thing we noticed about the Spicy House in Christchurch is that the place isn’t elaborate. You simply go to the counter, place your order, pay for what you want, and then they will deliver it to you. You can order the food for dine-in or takeaway.

The place isn’t overly decorative or detailed. But considering how so many people who come here do so late at night, it’s best that the place isn’t garish.

A Complete Menu

We like how the Szechuan menu here at the Spicy House is thorough and offers many great choices. We found plenty of great options on the menu:

  • The pork dishes are the most popular ones here. You can order anything from a deep-fried spare rib to sweet and sour pork to pork kidney.
  • The place serves dumplings in many forms, including chicken and pan-fried dumplings.
  • The fried rice entrees include everything from egg to chicken to beef.
  • You can enjoy many vegetable entrees here, including stir-fried bean sprout and the chili mushroom.
  • There’s even a listing of cold dishes at the Spicy House. These include cucumber salad and spicy pork ear.

How Is the Food?

We found the foods at the Spicy House were delicious and easy to enjoy. The rice is cooked well, and the meats are well grilled and cooked. We didn’t find any undercooked spots in our meals. Our foods weren’t covered with lots of breading or coating either.

The meals are good enough for one person, although they provide some great portions that you can take home if you wish. The vegetables and rice served on the side complement the main entrée without going through more than necessary.

We liked how the dumplings were cooked and how they tasted. The dumplings had a good texture, plus they were easy to eat with chopsticks. The place serves at least fifteen dumplings in a single serving. That should be good enough for most people who want something delicious for dinner.

How Spicy Is the Place?

The Spicy House doesn’t disappoint, as the place does offer many spicy dishes. You’ll find the place brings the heat in many forms, whether it’s from cumin, black pepper, fresh chili, or chili and bean sauce. The spices are very hot and intense, providing plenty of extra flavour.

A Great Deal

The foods at the Spicy House are very affordable. Many of the dishes are available for less than $15.

The seafood entrees were the most expensive ones, but those were mainly for either some exotic meats or for whole fish entrees. A whole fish with hot and spicy sauce goes for $30, for instance. You can get a single-serving fish entrée for about half that total. It’s smart that the place does well in keeping the prices down, as they want their foods to be open to everyone throughout the day. 

The Spicy House is a good place to visit if you’re looking for hot and spicy Szechuan dishes in Christchurch. You’ll enjoy what this restaurant offers regardless of whether it’s for dinner or a late-night meal.

Rolleston Food Bar Christchurch


You’ll find the Rolleston Food Bar in Christchurch off Chaucer Street near NZ State Highway 1. But you might be curious over what foods the bar offers, as “food bar” cold mean anything. We decided to look for ourselves to see what the food bar serves.

It turns out that the place focuses mainly on burgers, fish and chips, and sandwiches. The place is a takeaway venue without much room for any dining. But you will find plenty of positives when looking for something useful. You’ll also find some great deals here, as the restaurant offers affordable foods that won’t break your budget when you’re looking for something delicious to enjoy while eating.


  • You can get a full meal for less than $10
  • Serves locally-sourced fish
  • The bar offers a variety of burgers
  • Various are specials available throughout the year

Ordering a Burger

We heard from others that the burgers were the best part of what the Rolleston Food Bar offers to customers. The burgers are available in various styles with many ingredients. These include mushroom, pineapple, tomato, and cheeseburgers. You can also get a chicken or steak burger here, plus you could get double the meat on your burger if you wish.

We like how the burgers taste, as the meat is well-cooked and shaped to where it’s easy to eat. The beef isn’t rough, and it doesn’t leak out those annoying pink juices when you take a bite. We tried the pineapple burger, and the pineapple was grilled alongside the burger to keep it juicy and tangy while blending well with the meat.

The kitchen is always kept clean and has all the necessary ingredients and items on hand for serving. You’ll appreciate how everything in the kitchen is prepared well and that everything you order is kept clean and safe to eat.

How About the Fish?

The Rolleston Food Bar uses locally-sourced fish like sole, blue cod, Hoki, and tarakihi. The fish is always prepared well, plus the added coating is flaky enough to create a good flavour without masking how the fish tastes.

The chips they serve are well-cut and provide a good taste for everyone to try. We like how well they season the chips with care. The chips mix well with the fish to provide a good taste for everyone to enjoy. You could order a second helping of chips if you want, and you’ll still keep on eating them and asking for more.

What Else Is There?

There are many other foods for people to see when looking for something at the Rolleston Food Bar:

  • You can get a beef or chicken kebab at the food bar.
  • The hash browns here are carefully prepared and mixed to create a good late breakfast entrée. You’ll get four hash browns with each order.
  • The chicken nuggets are made with various cuts of chicken meat and are breaded to where they offer enough of a coating without covering too much.
  • You can also order some egg rolls, including a spring roll or a curry rice roll. The rolls are carefully constructed and wound to keep the ingredients intact.

What Does It Cost?

Our favourite part of the Rolleston Food Bar is that the place isn’t as expensive as you would assume. You can find many entrees here for less than $10. 

The only things that cost more than $10 are some of the extra foods, like a dozen scallops or a dozen onion rings. You could also order half a chicken and chips for about $15. The deal is very intriguing, especially if you want something a little different from the norm.

You’ll also find special packs at the bar, including ones that can feed an entire family. You could get enough fish and chips to feed a family of four for about $25 to $30 on average. The special deals here will vary by season, so check with the bar to see what’s open.

Our Final Word

The Rolleston Food Bar is a fine place to visit if you’re looking for a good bite to eat in Christchurch. The takeaway restaurant features many good foods that will fit your taste. Check out what the bar offers if you’re looking for something entertaining and delicious.

Hello Vietnam Christchurch Review


Should you be saying hello to Hello Vietnam the next time you’re in the Riccarton neighbourhood of Christchurch? We came out to this sit-down restaurant to see if the place is worthwhile, and we found plenty of things about the restaurant to love.

We found that Hello Vietnam features a thorough menu with choices for everyone to enjoy. You’ll also find many steamed entrees, rice dishes, and vegetarian options here. The restaurant has a great setting and features plenty of options for dining that will make you fall in love with Vietnamese cooking.


  • Offers foods in multiple portions
  • Gluten-free options available
  • Serves sweet and sour sauce with many entrees
  • The entrees feature plenty of meat and vegetables for a detailed flavour

What Does the Place Sell?

Hello Vietnam serves great Vietnamese entrees with a mix of rice, noodles, vermicelli, and tofu. You’ll find more than a hundred numbered entrees on the menu here.

Hello Vietnam has one of the more diverse menus you’ll find at a Vietnamese eatery, as you can order noodles or rice with various meats or vegetables. You can request chili chicken, roast duck, barbecue pork, ginger chicken, or combination meats. The place can also prepare gluten-free versions of many of these foods if you prefer.

Many of the entrees feature a sweet and sour sauce. The sauce provides a great tone that accentuates the natural flavours in your food. All the foods are organised well to where you can eat them up and get them ready fast.

The spring rolls are also great foods to try while out here. The rolls are well-packed and feature plenty of greens, carrots, and other vegetables. The rolls are fried well without being too crispy or rough. You can even see through some of the rolls to notice some of the great vegetables all around.

The pho soups are also well-made with the right amount of broth to keep from drowning everything. One of our favourite parts of the pho soup is that the bean sprouts were served separately. We get the option to control how many sprouts we want to add to the soup.

The rice and noodles are also prepared to perfection, as everything is rich in flavour and doesn’t feel flimsy. The vermicelli is especially great, which is impressive considering how tough it can be to prepare vermicelli that doesn’t fall apart when you try eating it.

Appealing Prices

One of our favourite parts of Hello Vietnam is that the restaurant doesn’t charge more for its foods than necessary. Most entrees here at Hello Vietnam are available for $20 or less.

You can order a cheaper medium-size portion of one of the foods if you wish, and you’ll still get enough food for one. The portion sizes are plentiful and generous, especially when eating one of the seafood entrees here. The large portions are good enough for two or three people to share, making this a useful choice if you’ve got multiple people coming out to eat here.

What About Dessert?

We also tried one of the desserts while out here at Hello Vietnam. The place sells mungbean and coconut cream as one of its signature desserts. It sounds unusual, but the sweet flavour of the beans mixes well with the coconut cream. The place also serves deep-fried ice cream. The ice cream is fried to where it creates a warm and crispy outside while keeping the ice cream on the inside cold and delicious.

You can also add iced or hot black coffee to your meal. The restaurant lets you add condensed milk if you prefer. The place also serves an iced lemon drink with a sweet tang that adds a fun touch to the dining experience.

Our Final Thought

Hello Vietnam is a great place to visit if you want an exciting Vietnamese dining experience. The foods here are plentiful and feature many great tones and flavours. We love how the place offers great portions and that it doesn’t cost as much as you might expect. Try this spot out the next time you’re looking for a great place for Asian dining while in the Riccarton neighbourhood.

Five Stars Restaurant Christchurch


Another day, another Vietnamese restaurant to see in Christchurch. The Five Stars Restaurant looks like many other Vietnamese restaurants in the city. As it turns out, Five Stars is more than another place that offers pho, although it does offer one of the better pho soups we’ve found in Christchurch.

You can find the Five Stars Restaurant in the Fendalton neighbourhood of Christchurch.


  • Includes soup and traditional rice dishes available
  • Vegetarian-friendly choices
  • Most entrees are available for $20 or less

A Relaxing Atmosphere

The first thing we noticed when entering Five Stars was that the place offers a peaceful atmosphere. Five Stars features gentle lighting and artistic accents all over the place. You’ll see paintings on the walls that feature natural scenes from around Vietnam. The wood tables and chairs aren’t overly garish, as they add a nice look to the place. The place feels enjoyable, and it could even be great for a romantic outing.

Friendly People

The people who work at Five Stars are amicable and appreciated our business. One of the people who served us was the lady who owns the restaurant. She was the friendliest of all, as she was willing to talk with us about the food and everything at the restaurant.

She enjoys hearing from his customers, and she knows what people are looking for in the foods they order. She is very responsive to whatever requests people hold when ordering foods. One example of this comes from how the restaurant removed its shark fin soup from the menu following a bunch of complaints from customers.

What’s On the Menu?

The menu features nearly 150 numbered entrees. You’ll find various great choices for dining here:

  • You can start with spring rolls. The place offers pork, prawn, and vegetarian spring rolls.
  • The traditional Vietnamese soup includes delicious rice noodles.
  • You’ll find broken rice entrees here as well. The broken rice here entails fractured rice grains that are smaller in size and provide more texture to a meal.
  • The rice dishes include everything from grilled chicken wings to tofu.
  • There are beef, chicken, pork, squid, and fried rice dishes for sale here.
  • There are a few vegetarian entrees here, including some tofu dishes and stir-fried bok choy entrees.

Great Food All Around

We enjoyed the food here at Five Stars, as the restaurant did well in cooking everything. The rice is well-made without feeling too tender. The rice noodles for the pho soup were fresh and were flexible without breaking apart. The soup was rich in flavour, and it wasn’t watered down like what we’ve seen with so many other pho entrees before.

The portions here are generous and worth the money. Many of the entrees are available in medium and large sizes. It’s easy to get enough from a medium serving for less than $20. But the large entrée is helpful if you’ve got three or four people there and they all want to eat the same thing.

We noticed the spring rolls were somewhat transparent, as the coverings for them were slightly thin. But the rolls were still delicious, and the coverings did well in keeping a good base that kept the contents from leaking or slipping out. You could see all the detail the chefs put into these rolls, as they mix the lettuce, carrots, and meat well together to create a thorough entrée.

The place also does well with spices. You can ask to have as many or as few spices in your foods as you wish. The place responds well to requests to keep foods from being too spicy. We tried some of the entrees with a little bit of spiciness, and we found that a little was enough for making something great. Everything tasted delicious without being too rough or otherwise hard to consume.

An Exciting Place

We enjoyed our time at Five Stars, and we feel you’ll find plenty of things to love about this restaurant. This Vietnamese restaurant is friendly and cozy, plus it features many great dishes for everyone to try. You’ll find various entrees that you will love while at the restaurant, especially if you’re trying to find a place that is a little different from other Vietnamese restaurants.

Elmwood Fish and Chips Christchurch Review


Elmwood Fish and Chips doesn’t look like anything too out of the ordinary when you go across it on Normans Road in Merrivale. But this restaurant is perfect for when you want something fast, especially if you’re in the mood for a unique fish entrée a little different from what you might expect while in Christchurch.

This fish and chips restaurant is a little different from what you’d expect from such a site. The place serves various fish choices and offers many other eats. Whether you’re looking for fish, a burger, or even an egg roll, you’ll find something worthwhile for takeaway here.


  • You can order battered or crumbled fish
  • Blue cod, sole fillet, Hoki, Akaroa cod, and tarakihi are available
  • Multiple types of chips available, including kumara chips
  • You can get a complete meal for less than $10 here

A Simple Takeaway Experience

Elmwood is a takeaway restaurant, as it does not offer any dining spaces. But the great news about Elmwood is that it makes all its foods on-site with local ingredients. You’ll enjoy well-prepared meals that are made as you order them. You could even call ahead to get your order ready before you arrive.

What Is the Fish Like?

The fish at Elmwood Fish and Chips features freshly prepared fish from local waters. You can try the Hoki or tarakihi here, among other choices. The fish feature mild flavors that aren’t too intense, meaning anyone could eat these without feeling irritated or bothered by anything too overwhelming.

You can ask for your fish to be either battered or crumbled. The crumbled option is crisp and adds a light coating. The battered option is a little thicker, but it keeps the fish intact. We recommend sticking with the crumbled fish choice if you’re looking for a more authentic flavour.

All the Fish You Want

You can order plenty of a la carte fish and food choices while at Elmwood Fish and Chips. You can order individual squid eggs, fish bites, miniature spring rolls, battered scallops, and battered prawn while at the restaurant. Many of these items cost less than a dollar each, so you can add one or two to your main entrée and still dine for cheap.

How Are the Chips?

The chips at Elmwood Fish and Chips go well with the fish. The chips are well-cut and seasoned, with each one being crispy without being flimsy or otherwise hard.

You can also order spicy wedges or kumara chips if you prefer. Those two options cost extra, but it provides a nice way for you to eat something great.

Don’t Forget the Burgers

While Elmwood Fish and Chips focuses on fish and seafood, it also serves some great burgers. We love how Elmwood serves a thorough assortment of burgers, including ones with mushrooms, pineapple, egg, or cheese. You can order a burger with a chicken or fish patty if you prefer. There’s also a vegetarian burger here that includes a vegetable-based patty.

You can also request the Giant burger if you prefer. The Giant burger includes two meats, cheese, pineapple, an egg, tomatoes, and bacon.

What About Dessert?

Elmwood doesn’t have many dessert choices, although it does offer chocolate jam donuts. The donuts feature a sweet fruit filling with plenty of brown sugar and powder added to the mix. You’ll find a complete meal here at Elmwood if you’re looking for something unique to eat.

A Good Deal

It’s easy for someone to dine for less than $10 at Elmwood. The takeaway place serves most of its entrees from $5 to $7. It costs extra to get some of the other items on the menu like potato fritters or spring rolls, but you can still stay under $10 in most cases.

Our Final Verdict

We found Elmwood Fish and Chips to offer some great food options at sensible prices. We like how the fish are prepared well, plus the diverse menu provides great choices for everyone. Take note of this place when you’re in the Merrivale area, and you’re looking for a great place to eat without having to wait too long for you to get your food ready.

Eden Alley Korean Restaurant Christchurch Review


Are you looking for a unique Korean restaurant and karaoke bar in the Christchurch area? Maybe you want to look for a bar that offers great drinks to help you muster the courage to try karaoke. The Eden Alley Korean Restaurant in Christchurch is a great place to find in the Riccarton neighbourhood that offers great food and karaoke fun.

We tried some of the items on the menu at Eden Alley. While we weren’t courageous enough to try the karaoke here, we did enjoy what we tried here.


  • Multiple hot pot dishes are available
  • Various fried chicken entrees
  • Traditional Korean entrees, including kimchi pancakes
  • Large pots are available for groups of people looking to share foods
  • The bar offers various Korean drinks

How Everything Is Served

We noticed when we were being served that they provided our foods in various small bowls. They let us mix in the various ingredients in our entrees, as they put the rice in one bowl and the meats and vegetables in separate ones.

It can be challenging to manage all these bowls and to ensure you use enough in each one, but we found it makes it easier for us to customise our dining experiences. The stir-fried pork with seasonal vegetables was particularly great, as we could mix more broccoli with our pork.

The soybean paste stew featured the soybean paste in one spot, while the tofu was in another container. It’s good that they let us add the tofu ourselves, as the flavour is intense and can easily overwhelm some other parts of the entrée. But when handled by itself, you’ll get a great flavour that adds a quality touch.

The servings were plentiful for everyone here. But we also noticed there were a few large pot entrees for multiple people, including a seafood stew with multiple seafood items and a spicy stew with seasonal vegetables. It is great to see that Eden Alley offers foods that work for all people who want something great to eat.

Well-Made Noodles

We like how the noodles at Eden Valley were built to handle our chopsticks. The noodles are easy to grip without breaking apart. They aren’t stiff to where they won’t flex well.

The noodle dishes here include some great choices, including kimchi, seafood, and fried noodles. Eden Valley ensures all its noodles are prepared well and that they are easy to enjoy. The fact that we can add the side ingredients to the noodles as we wish also helps make these a little more enjoyable and pleasing.

A Great Bar

You’ll also find some exciting Korean drinks at the bar here at Eden Valley. These drinks could help you get ready for a karaoke session if you want.

You can order bokbunja wine, which from what we hear, is a fruit wine made with black raspberries. You can also get soju, a Korean vodka made from sweet potatoes or rice. It isn’t as strong as some other vodkas, but it is still more intense than wine. Asahi and Tsingtao beer are also available here. The place also serves Coca-Cola products for those who aren’t interested in alcohol.

We like how the restaurant offers a good array of drinks. The added Korean drinks add to the experience, plus they often make the karaoke experience here a little more fun.

A Friendly Atmosphere

The workers at Eden Valle were amicable and enjoyable. They were very attentive to our needs, and they ensured they would keep their orders as accurate as possible. The team here wasn’t judgmental of anyone who was performing karaoke either, as they enjoyed watching people attempt to sing various songs. It was amusing to watch these people try, but it was all in good fun.

What Do We Think?

We like how Eden Alley has some great Korean foods for everyone to try. Eden Alley serves outstanding foods with plenty of great flavours and accents. We like how the restaurant serves things well and that they keep the ingredients separate, giving us more control over how we enjoy our foods. Maybe next time we’ll consider performing karaoke, although I wouldn’t expect any of us to do that.

Drexels Breakfast Christchurch Review


Drexels is an interesting breakfast restaurant in the Riccarton section of Christchurch, as it is an American-style breakfast restaurant. But the place has done well for itself, as it has been a staple of Riccarton since 1986. The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch and prides itself in being a no-frills place that offers great foods for sale.

So what makes Drexels Breakfast such a unique place for dining in the Christchurch area? We took a look at this breakfast restaurant and found it is an accommodating place with plenty of food options that everyone will love.


  • The eggs, crepes, and omelets are available in many flavours
  • Sandwiches, salads, and burgers are available for lunch
  • The chefs can cook based on your dietary needs, including gluten-free or vegan needs
  • Features a kids menu with smaller portions

A Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Drexels’ atmosphere isn’t too out of the ordinary, as the restaurant looks like a traditional American café. You’ll find plenty of cushioned seats all around, with ketchup, hot sauce, and HP sauce added to each table.

Your server will be more than ready to get you your coffee, although various juices are also available if you prefer something different. The friendly atmosphere at the restaurant provides a good experience that makes it stand out from the Riccarton crowd. The area is active enough to keep it lively, but it isn’t too droll or hyper to where it might make it hard for you to start your day off well.

Flexible Breakfasts

We enjoyed how we could adjust our breakfast orders as we see fit. We tried a few things here and there with our orders:

  • Our regular stack of three pancakes featured baked-in bananas that mixed in well with the fluffy “Iowa-style batter.”
  • The Western crepe mixes bell peppers, onions, and bacon with two eggs and a hash brown. You can taste the spice here, but it doesn’t get too overwhelming.
  • The Mediterranean three-egg omelet includes spinach, red onion, and crumbled cheese mixed well throughout the entrée.

The place also has plenty of sides to complete the meal. The smoked salmon and the whole-grain toast were great with our eggs, while the corned beef hash was cooked to perfection without anything sticking to the plate.

What About Lunch?

While Drexels is all about breakfast, it also has a lunch menu that it offers until closing at two in the afternoon. Each item on the lunch menu includes a distinct twist you can only find at Drexels. The chicken Caesar salad features fresh parmesan cheese and a poached egg, while the Manhattan club sandwich includes a fried egg and bacon alongside cucumber, lettuce, and carrot.

The burgers are also unique, as the place offers 175-gram beef patties mixed with a homemade barbecue sauce. We like how the sauce adds a great deal of tang, but it doesn’t overwhelm the other ingredients.

There’s even a quinoa burger available at Drexels. The burger features a quinoa patty with added chickpeas to complete the texture. The beetroot relish is a nice touch, as it adds a good tone without being rough.

Don’t Forget the Bacon

It’s no surprise that the bacon at Drexels is popular, as the restaurant does well in preparing its bacon for all its breakfast and lunch entrees. The bacon is cooked to where it offers a good crisp without being flimsy or rough. You’ll taste the great pork flavour in every bite, plus you won’t deal with lots of gristle.

What About the Hash Browns?

Most of the meals at Drexels are served with hash browns. The chefs here do well in producing crispy hash browns that are easy to cut through and serve. The browns are cooked enough to be tasty and distinct, but they aren’t cooked to where everything is burnt or otherwise unpleasant. Cooking hash browns isn’t easy, but Drexels knows how to make it all work.

Experience Great Breakfast and Lunch

Drexels Breakfast is a great place for breakfast or lunch in Christchurch that has something for everyone. You’ll find many entrees here, with the place offering some great ways for everyone to start the day. Try this option out if you’re in the mood for something simple and unique, especially if you want something that you can customise in whatever way you see fit.